Helping women transform their lives and take back their health is my passion.


I care deeply about the more than 50 million Americans living and coping with autoimmune disease, of which more than 75 percent of them are women. I provide women the support and motivation they need to transform autoimmune health and compromised gut challenges into empowered healthy lives.


Having an immune-related condition like osteoarthritis, celiac disease, diabetes, Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or Alzheimer’s can seem like the beginning of the end for some people. I show women suffering from these and other autoimmune conditions, no matter where they are on the health spectrum, how to naturally reverse and prevent symptoms so they can regain vitality and health.


I give women a voice where their health is concerned. I listen to their healing journey, personal history, and successes and challenges so that together, we can co-create healthy and vibrant lives. I connect-the-dots between all the underlying causes of why women are suffering and I provide a step-by-step roadmap and nutritional programs to restore the health their desire and deserve.


I do all this because I know exactly how women suffering from autoimmune conditions and chronic gut issues feel, what their thinking and how they have struggled. I have battled with health issues—from food and environment allergies to gluten disorders and autoimmune disease to adrenal fatigue. I took on each one of these challenges and came through in the end with more vitality, a smile on my face and a new passion for health and the healing process.


There came a point in my own healing journey when I just had enough of doctors telling me "it was all in my head" and the only remedy was to live the rest of my life captive to NSAIDs, steroids, immunosuppresants and other harsh medications. But the straw that finally broke the camels back was that I could no longer do a simple thing like enjoy my morning coffee because my hands were so stiff and inflamed that I couldn't even pick up my coffee mug.


It took me years of searching, too many doctors to count on both hands, over 10 years of misdiagnosis and a good amount of my personal savings to finally get to the root cause of my pain. Miraculously after so many years of suffering and searching for answers, I finally discovered that a simple thing like gluten was at the heart of many of my health issues and that I could reverse my painful symptoms. This was my aha moment and everything in my life up until this point began to make sense — my pain, journey to wellness, purpose in life, and much more.


This turning point renewed my commitment to achieving and sustaining lasting wellness, which began with putting my own house in order with regards to diet and lifestyle priorities. With a sound wellness vision and plan, I then had the confidence to embark on the slow but steady steps necessary to repair my gut, calm down the raging inflammation and put my pain and suffering behind me. I am so glad I said "Yes!" to myself and being open to the deeper self-healing I so desperately needed.


I am here to provide hope to as many women as I can because there is a way out of nagging symptoms, low energy, and feeling depressed about the parts of your health and life that aren’t quite in-sync with what you desire and need.


For most of my life, I fell through the cracks of our modern healthcare system, but you don’t have to. Let me show you a path forward into a healthy life because I am absolutely confident that given the right tools, support, and strategy to be successful, you can realize your wellness vision and become your “best self”. Won't you join me?


It’s TIME to claim your BEST life!




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Aine-Marie is founder of Advesta Health where she offers members personalized health and wellness programs. Her practice focuses on key health issues faced by women and men today: Autoimmune Disease, Food Sensitivities and Gut-Related Illnesses like Celiac Disease, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Leaky-Gut Syndrome, Detox and Whole-Body Rejuvenation.


Post-Graduate Education
  • Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP)
    Dr. Tom O’Bryan
  • Certified Nutritionist
    Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Certified Nutritionist
    Washington State Department of Health
  • Certified Health Coach
    WellCoaches endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine


Undergraduate Education
  • Graduated Alpha Sigma Lambda honors from UMass Amherst in Complimentary Health & Wellness


Professional Affilliates


I am proud to be in the company of such distinct organizations in the health and wellness community.




American College of Nutrition