Richard Goodman, MD

Practice Advisor

Jennifer Davis

Administration & Concierge Services

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Getting at the root cause of health
conditions is not just my job – it’s my life.
I love being a part of helping to create
empowered and healthy lives.

After being frustrated with the standard care model of providing health and wellness, I began to search for alternative and more holistic solutions. I believe that functional medicine is a wonderful approach to helping people get and more importantly... stay well. In order to solve health challenges, you have to listen to not only what people say, but also to what they don't say. I always first and foremost try to get to the root cause of why a person isn't feeling well and then put in place simple healthy diet and lifestyle habits so they can get back to living.


I am currently not taking new patients and solely acting in an advisory role. Please contact the office about our wellness services and programs.


To Your Good Health!



I left a desk job in the corporate world to pursue what really excites me. I believe that most important thing in life is to have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. After having experienced several health challenges in my life, I decided to pursue my passion for health and wellness and connect with like-minded people that inspire me. I enjoy wearing many hats and being exposed to all aspects of the practice.

Be joyful and inspired!