Richard Goodman, MD

Functional Medicine & Practice Advisor

Jennifer Davis

Administration & Concierge Services

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Getting at the root cause of health
conditions is not just my job – it’s my life.
I love being a part of helping to create
empowered and healthy lives.

After being frustrated with the standard care model of providing health and wellness, I began to search for alternative and more holistic solutions. I believe that functional medicine is a wonderful approach to helping people get and stay well. In order solve health challenges, I take the time to listen to clients and get to the root cause of a client’s specific condition. This includes taking a medical history, discussing symptoms and looking at diet, exercise, stress and other life factors that could be contributing to why a person may not be living an optimal life.


My approach focuses on identifying the root causes of illness and applying a customized solution fitting each person’s unique bio-individuality and health profile.  I don’t just want to “cover up symptoms” with an easy fix or prescription. I want to find real practical solutions that solve every day health challenges.


To Your Good Health!



I left a desk job in the corporate world to pursue what really excites me. I believe that most important thing in life is to have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. After having experienced several health challenges in my life, I decided to pursue my passion for health and wellness and connect with like-minded people that inspire me. I enjoy wearing many hats and being exposed to all aspects of the practice.

Be joyful and inspired!