It takes 20-30 years to get sick – but in months or even days, we can radically reclaim health and vitality. Through the power of self-awareness and the interplay of biology, food and key nutrients and radical well-being, so much of what we think of as chronic and incurable disease can be reversed. Now more than ever before, we have opportunities to optimize our health as opposed to simply preventing or being a victim of disease.

At Advesta Health, we are committed to applying advanced preventative testing and diagnostics, food, diet and meal planning and bio-individual nutrition to aid digestive and immune health and promote whole body healing. We are dedicated to finding and removing the barriers to our bodies own innate instinct for self-healing (such as poor diet, chronic stress, toxicity, or unhealthy lifestyle habits) that prevent us from achieving wellness. We understand that each individual is a complex interrelated system, not just a body suffering from specific symptoms or discomfort. We seek to find and maintain optimal health by understanding unique individual needs and coming up with customized solutions to restore wellness, improve vitality and create joy.




It is our conscious awareness and understanding of the diversity and complexity of the world that forms our vision of sustainability. Our holistic views of health and living means that we not only pay attention to the needs of individuals, but also to the connections that link us to everything in the natural world. Being socially responsible means that we have a greater understanding of what it means to be human and to coexist on a living planet.





It’s our vision and values that convey the reasons why we came together as a community of health-minded practitioners and individuals, what we aspire to accomplish, and the way we apply hard work, support and compassion for each other and our clients.




Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools necessary to stimulate the body’s innate ability to restore and maintain balance. We help ordinary people become extraordinary with regards to their health, wellness and vitality. In this, we strive to:

  • Identify and remove the underlying causes of illness rather than to only eliminate or suppress symptoms
  • Apply the principals of evidence-based medicine to proven natural and non-invasive health therapies that everyday people can do at home
  • Adhere to a client-centered approach to health care through individualized healthy plans, coaching and community support
  • Embrace the diverse beliefs, needs and expectations of our clients
  • Guide and educate our community
  • Positively affect and change the world around us - one person, one solution, at a time