Affiliate Policy

At Advesta Health we make it our job to research and find the best providers of health and wellness products so that we can share these with our members and guests. We believe that being healthy is about community and working together we can support each other in maintaining our health and vitality naturally. Some of the links on our website are affiliate links of which our company does receive a small commission from sales of certain items. Because we don’t specifically allow for ads to be placed on our website, we offset some of our operating costs with these links. All our affiliates provide products and services that we believe offer individuals a quality experience and in most cases, these are personally used here at Advesta Health. We have many links on the site which may be to articles, research, posts and media, which are not affiliate-based and do not earn our company commissions in any way. These do however provide health and wellness information and resources that our online community may find beneficial. We believe in privacy and will never sell or give away any personal information we receive from our online community to any affiliate or third-party without previous written permission or express consent.