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Our consultation services provide personali- zed, effective and supportive nutritional and lifestyle counseling to educate and assist you to experience essential wellness in your life.

Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Get more out of life with one of our wellness programs. Let us show you how to have more energy, find a diet that fits your needs, and have the healthy life you’ve always wanted.

Healthy Dialogues

Healthy Dialogues

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Our health assessment tool allows us to assess an individual’s current health, including factors of lifestyle, in order to better understand the scope of the challenges, overall health profile, and identify potential health risks. The HRA assesses current health (including lifestyle behaviors, stress factors, biometrics, health status, chronic conditions, and future disease risk. The health assessment is vital in order to target the most beneficial nutritional therapies and wellness program recommendations.


It is vital to review and track health behavioral and biometric data through health assessments in order to initiate and maintain healthy behaviors. Health assessments inform practitioners and coaches and they also help individuals gain self-awareness, insights, and a sense of their priorities. The process of analyzing an individual’s health information helps identify “red flags” or supports future discussions on specific health issues.

After gathering up all the health relevant data i.e., health assessment, test results, intake information etc., our practitioners identify those factors which are current health risks or are impeding on the individual’s overall health and well-being. This information will become valuable input into developing an individual’s overall wellness plan including healthy vision, goals and preventative action plan.

The action plan summarizes an individual’s current health profile, highlights risk factors and provides recommendations for nutritional therapies and other support programs. It is designed to assist individuals in making practical decisions about next steps and to put their health goals into measurable and achievable action steps.

A typical action plan often involves a wellness vision, health and lifestyle goals, strengths/challenges, motivators, measurable timeline (typically weekly intervals measured for 90-180 days), and baseline measurement and tracking techniques. If an individual is focusing on specific diet or food sensitivity challenges, then botanical supplementation, removal of damaging toxins through enhanced elimination and detoxification protocols as well as lifestyle and behavioral modifications, may also be included.

The action plan can be used to assist individuals in managing their current health-related challenges, promote empowerment, renew self-confidence and aid in the recovery of optimal health.