Functional Tests

We also make available a variety of tests (many at discount rates) that allow our practitioners to better understand individuals from a functional and holistic viewpoint. Most often individuals have symptoms that span multiple functional and metabolic areas of the body, which can make initial analysis and wellness action planning more challenging. Also in particular, gut-related disorders such as Celiac Disease, Gluten-Sensitivity, and Leaky Gut, generally have other “related” conditions such as inflammation, autoimmune affected disorders, associated brain and non-gut dysfunctions, symptoms of Candida, and some level of malnutrition from insufficient intake of vital nutrients. Today with the ability to scan and detect more underlying metabolic and system functions in the body, relationships between these can be more easily understood and dysfunctional cycles can be addressed

All our functional, genetic and microbiome tests can be conveniently ordered through our testing partners. We can also discuss additional tests that may be appropriate for your specific health needs.

For Direct Labs. You simply go to their website, find the appropriate test and pay with a credit card. It is that simple! Most tests require a blood draw, which can be done at one of the convenient and reputable in-network facilities near your work or residence. Further detailed instructions regarding your test along with a test kit will be sent to you after purchase and order processing is completed. You can then conveniently make an appointment online to complete the test.

For 23andMe genetic testing, you can go directly to their website and order appropriate tests. If you'd like the uBiome microbiome test, this is ordered through Advesta Health.

Once you’ve received your test results, you can schedule your follow-up session with your Advesta Health practitioner to review the test results and commence next steps.

Our Recommended Tests:

Comprehensive Wellness Panel

The CWP is a panel of over 50 different tests that offers a broad overview of your overall health. This panel covers a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Thyroid w/TSH, Lipids, Cholesterol, Liver, Kidney, Minerals and Bone, Fluids and Electrolytes, and Diabetes. This test is perfect for yearly diagnostic of your health profile.

Why we recommend it:

  • This test is a must for all our clients because it offers a comprehensive look across many body systems and functionality
  • A good yearly wellness “checkup” to look risks for heart disease, diabetes and other conditions
  • Captures metric that can be compared and analyzed each year

Cost: $97 (Valued at $552 - You save over $400)

Organic Comprehensive Profile (Metabolic)

This test measures whether your body is getting and using nutrients to drive optimal health. Also measured are markers that assess intestinal health, neurotransmitter activity, and detoxification.

Why we recommend it:

  • Simple urine test that provides powerful metabolic diagnostics
  • Metabolic snapshot of over 70 bio-markers
  • Gives insight into the root causes of many health conditions

Cost: $399 (Valued at $576 - You save $177)

Thyroid Panel Complete + Thyroid Antibodies

Critical to your metabolism, thyroid function affects your energy level, heart rate, weight control, plus more. An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease, yet 60% of people are completely unaware they have it.

Why we recommend it:

  • Thyroid issues often times get misdiagnosed
  • This is a comprehensive thyroid test for all relevant markers
  • Measures TAA & TPO, which can assist with detecting and confirming autoimmune thyroiditis

Cost: $239 (Valued at $1006 - You save over $750)

Functional Adrenal Stress Profile-BioHealth KIT

The Adrenal Stress Profile is a measure of an individual's response to stress. It is also an important tool for pointing to adrenal imbalances that may be impacting a patient's health. Test is saliva-based and tests Cortisol and DHEA.

Why we recommend it:

  • Stress and our bodies ability to manage it is a huge challenge for many individuals
  • Cortisol directly affects our fat metabolism so if you want to lose those 10 lbs, getting this in balance is key
  • It is important to understand your energy levels throughout the day

Cost: $199 (Valued at $234 - You save $35)

GI Pathogen Screen with H. pylori Antigen-BioHealth KIT

Intestinal pathogens (parasites, protozoa, bad bacteria, yeast, fungus, maybe wreaking havoc on your digestive system by disrupting and causing the uncomfortable symptoms experienced every day.

Why we recommend it:

  • Parasite infections in particular can be silent but destructive, continuing chronic stress on a person infected can raise Cortisol levels and cause inflammation.
  • Helicobacter pylori infections are very prevalent and are often the cause of gut-related complications

Cost: $394 (Valued at $404 – You save $10)

C-Reactive Protein

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a substance made by the liver and secreted into the bloodstream within a few hours after the start of an infection or inflammation. CRP levels are used to diagnose and monitor autoimmune disorders.

Why we recommend it:

  • This test is an important bio-marker for identifying the presence of inflammation
  • Inflammation caused by gut microbial imbalance and leaky gut are often root causes to other chronic metabolic syndromes
  • Long term low-grade inflammation, causes metabolic disturbances that lead to the development of complications such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes

Cost: $54

Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c) With eAG

This test measures the percentage of your blood cells that are glycosalated, i.e. sugar- coated, and a good indicator of your glucose control over previous 3 months. While the Hemoglobin A1C is the standard tool to determine blood sugar control for patients with diabetes, it is a valuable test for those who suspect they may be in early/later stages of insulin resistance, a condition where muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond properly to insulin and thus cannot easily absorb glucose from the bloodstream.

Why we recommend it:

  • Indicator of glucose control over previous 3 months
  • Can show risk for Diabetes conditions
  • Helps determine proper diet/meal planning

Cost: $39 (Valued at $66 – You save $27)

Our Recommended Genetic & Microbiome Tests:

Health & Ancestry Profile by 23andMe

When it comes to your wellbeing, your DNA is one part of the story that also includes your environment and lifestyle. This report is raw data and we recommend working with a professional experienced with interpretting the most important genetic information and using advanced reporting tools.

Why we recommend it:

  • Find genetic traces of where your ancestors lived throughout history
  • Understand your carrier status in order to prepare for the health of your future family.
  • Determine if you are at risk for any health issues

Cost: $199

SmartGut (Microbiome Profile) by uBiome

DNA sequencing-based clinical microbiome screening test, providing detailed and accurate information to help you understand your gut health. SmartGut is fully or partially covered by most health insurance companies under “out-of-network” healthcare benefits.

Why we recommend it:

  • identifies specific pathogens and other microbes in your gut that might be making you feel unwell
  • A comprehensive gut screening test
  • Measures your bacterial diversity and other useful metrics about your microbiome

Cost: $325

We suggest you read the following information about our Polices before you order any tests.

If you would like more information about testing and what may be appropriate for you, speak to your Advesta Heath Practitioner or consult your primary physician.