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  • I AM READY to Embrace Healthy Change In My Life
  • I Want to Be Inspired AND Positive About My Life
  • I Want to Enjoy Total Vitality
  • I Want to Have Access to Health-Empowering Tools
  • I Want to Look AND Feel My Best Everyday
  • I Want the Support I Need From Other Members With My Healthy Goals

Advesta Health is dedicated to providing you with the resources, information, and support needed to have the confidence, knowledge, and inspiration to create and sustain healthy change in your life. Members of HealthyLiving learn not only what they need to do to improve their health, but they get instruction and on-going support on how to do it so that they can maintain their healthy lifestyles.

Get access anytime/anywhere to healthy tools, resources, nutritional supplements, and the support you need all from the convenience of your home or personal space

… Receive the tools and empowerment you need to easily manage your health

… Speed your body's healing process with access to exclusive supplements and customized health plans

Connect with a community of health-conscious individuals, share personal insights and success stories and get the support you need to stay healthy, vital and happy

… Through our private and secure Facebook page we encourage you to learn from each other and draw from the vast knowledge within the community

… Each person in the community makes a difference and through working together, we can all reach our optimal health.

Inspire Others

… Share your health challenges and successes with other members because your stories and valuable input could very well be the change catalyst others need

… Be a role model and share your joy with others

We know how frustrating it can be to struggle on your own with health and lifestyle challenges. There’s no better way to get and stay healthy than to join a wellness support network.

… Have you ever been confused after leaving your doctor’s office with no idea of what to do or where to start?

… Do you sometimes feel alone in your health situation?

… Have you ever started a program but family and socials pressures get in the way of your goals?

… Do you find yourself wishing to connect with others and their health journeys?

Think of how great it would be to have access to a Nutritionist, Health Coach, classes on diet and meal planning, up-to-date health news, monthly seminars with health care professionals, live group Q&A sessions, and a community of like-minded individuals all trying to improve their lives.

HeathyLiving members enjoy Over $700 worth of product and service offerings.

If you purchased these health and wellness services separately you’d have to invest hundreds of dollars. We’ve brought together the best resources, convenient

access, and affordable pricing so that you can successfully reach your health and wellness goals.

As a HealthyLiving Member You Will Get:

FREE HealthyLiving™
$19.99 per month with yearly membership (25% savings) $24.99 per month on a month-to-month membership (membership payment policy)

General Health Risk Assessment
Healthy Dialogues newsletter
Unlimited access to our standard media library containing health-centric lectures, articles, videos, and more.
A personalized action plan developed with your wellness goals in mind
Special promotions and web deals
Access to our wellness product store
Referral bonus for new members
4 20-minute health “check-up” sessions per year with an Advesta Health practitioner
Member discount (10-20%) on all consultations & nutritional products, promotions
Monthly pass to attend special Healthy Dialogues webinars and courses by faculty or guest speaker (live or reply)
Members-only private Facebook page for discussions and Q&A
Healthy Friends & Family coupons
FREE monthly Healthy Dialogues webinar guest passes
Unlimited access to advanced Health & Lifestyle Assessments & Surveys

satisfaction 100% guarantee

There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel at anytime. The HealthyLiving™ wellness portal is available to individuals, small health practices, and corporations. For additional information see our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Payment Policy.