Nutritional Products

Our recommended nutritional products are intended to support the underlying cause of disease rather than symptoms alone. Nutritional products including botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies, gentle cleansing and restorative and supportive supplements, are selected based on careful review of an individual’s health history, current condition, test results and overall desired wellness goals.

Our nutrition and supplement products are highly effective, made of the highest quality nutrients and botanicals and created in superior manufacturing facilities that are rigorously tested beyond the food grade manufacturing found in health or grocery stores. We take pride in knowing that we can offer our patients quality products at prices that are affordable.
The wellness programs at Advesta Health combine botanical supplements, regenerative diet and food plans, and gentle detox and cleansing, encouraging the body to use its own healing capability. This unique therapeutic approach balances biochemical pathways, helps to increase energy and vitality, relieves chronic symptoms, and improves overall health.

The old saying that “we are what we eat” is quite literally true. It is important that we see food as a type of naturally therapeutic medicine and realize that combining food and nutritional supplements with healthy lifestyle choices can support many health conditions. We promote botanical medicine, which are plant and substances derived from plants that are used to support a variety of health problems. Plants are organic and compatible with human body chemistry and they generally have few toxic side effects.

Detoxing and cleansing the body is very important and vital to maintaining biological balance in the body systems. Our organs of detoxification – the liver, kidneys, lymph, intestines, lungs and skin – work hard every day to assist the body in removing harmful toxins. However, due to factors such as the environment, lifestyle, diet, stress and genetics, the body’s own ability to neutralize and remove these toxins is greatly impacted. One solution is to introduce a simple cleansing program consisting of diet and dietary supplementation that can assist the body’s detox pathways. A detox and cleansing program is complimentary to gut-disorder recovery, reducing inflammation, eliminating food reactivity and allergies, and alleviating symptoms often associated with autoimmune health challenges.

Advesta health practitioners are trained in functional and metabolic nutrition counseling and we see the value of developing a nutritional plan with our client’s that suits their lifestyle as well as their needs. A healthy diet of course is fundamental to preventing disease. An important goal here at Advesta Health is to help our clients to see the big health picture and help them make the best choices for nutritional support that will enable them to reach and more importantly maintaining optimal wellness.