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Health Coaching

Health Coaching is Transformational and Life Changes Can Happen for You

Face it, creating and sustaining healthy behaviors takes dedication not only to see improvements but also to keep going forward when obstacles show up. For many of us, our busy and full lives distract us from being able to stay on top of the health priorities in our lives such as diet, stress, fitness and balance. It is also been shown that relatively few people are able to make and sustain significant life changes unless they're part of a structured program that includes both education and support.

Taking that first step to break an old habit and replace it with a new healthy behavior can be challenging, but with anything new, there is always an important first-step. You must do this for yourself because the prize at the end is getting the life you really want.

Using our strategic and practical wellness approach, our health coaching programs support you to:

  • Realistically assess where you are in your life (body, mind, and spirit)
  • Look at the whole picture and not just one part
  • Set realistic goals in weeks/months not days – lasting change takes time
  • See where you want to go …. and get there, step by step

Health coaching also makes sense for the health and wellness of any organization. It can create comprehensive wellness strategies to improve employee health, reduce health-related costs, improve productivity, and create healthy lifestyles, is by far the fastest growing area of the health and wellness movement. Sixty-seven percent of American companies now either have or plan to implement health coaching or prevention programs to boost worker health, according to a survey of 450 major American corporations conducted by Hewitt Associates (2008). Health coaching is an effective and economical way to improve your companies overall wellness profile by providing a broad range of activities that can not only address the greatest health risks but also help healthy individuals stay that way.

If you are ready to re-engineer your life, let us show you how.

Corporate Wellness Programs

A wellness program in the corporate environment can have a broad vision, from onsite fitness centers to simple health promotion newsletters. It may focus on reducing health risks while increasing physical activity or it may be as simple as promoting healthier lifestyles through a variety of programs.

Wellness programs that are employee-centric will encourage a healthy life-style and set the stage for a healthy and more productive work environment. Educating employees about health promoting activities and services is one of the best ways to promote employee wellness. Offering a variety of programs that range from diet and nutrition to stress reduction and work-life balance is key to any successful corporate wellness initiative.

Corporate Wellness Programs are a win-win not only for employees, but employers can also benefit greatly. Some of these benefits include: reduced healthcare cost, reduced absenteeism, decreased rates of illness, better morale and increased productivity. In the long run, this is beneficial to everyone in the company.

Let the professionals at Advesta Health help you design your own Corporate Wellness Program including a Wellness Program Plan that will assist your company in starting, maintaining, and evaluating your own wellness program.

Nutrition Seminars & Interactive Workshops

We offer small group seminars and interactive workshops covering a wide-variety of nutrition and wellness topics. The workshops are not only informative but they help to demystify nutrition, the body systems, disease and health management, and much more.


I Am Sugar, Corn and Soy – Does this sound familiar: "you are what you eat"? The American food diet consists of high amounts of sugar, corn and soy. These are found in almost everything we eat from ketchup, salad dressing, soda, cookies and chips, to pretty much most processed foods. Discover the facts about what you’re eating and how your diet affects your overall health. Learn about the basics of nutritional health including body systems that support digestion, effects food has on your emotions, common gut-related diseases, weight management, and more.

Let’s Go Shopping! – Now that you have a diet plan, are you confused about how to get the things you need AND you are on a budget? If so come join us for a healthy shopping extravaganza! Learn how to read labels, look for cross-contaminated foods, what questions to ask, and what you should stay away from. We’ll show you how to buy-smart and still BE HEALTHY. We shop local where we can, which includes chains, farmers markets and now online store options.

What Diet Is Right For Me? – We take you on a tour spanning the world to look at various diets so that you can get an idea of what kind of diet would work for you. We also de-mystify and put into simple terms many of the popular diets that exist today such as Paleo, GAPS, Vegetarian/Vegan, Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting and discuss the pros and cons.

Eating Like Our Ancestors – Discover how modern foods that mimic the food groups of our hunter-gatherer ancestors can help to optimize your health, minimize your risk of chronic disease, and lose weight. Learn why following a diet consisting of higher protein and fiber intake, lower carbohydrate and sugar intake, a moderate amount of good fats, more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant phytochemicals could improve your health. We’ll review nutrition and learn about preparing nutritious meals consisting of whole grains, broths, vitamin-rich vegetables, and enzyme-rich lacto-fermented foods.

Demystifying Detoxification – Many of us live under stressful conditions, have poor nutritional habits, are more sedentary than we care to admit, and are exposed to a variety of environmental toxins. Modern life has increased the demands on our bodies. Supporting the body’s detox mechanisms with the right nutrients can be helpful in maintaining optimal health. Learn about your body’s natural detoxification pathways, what kinds of detoxification are right for your body, how to prepare yourself for a cleanse program, food and supplementation options during a detox, common side-effects and how to prevent them, and much more. This workshop will guide you through Advesta Health’s Nutritional Cleanse & Support Program™ that combines a gentle detox program with nutrients and meal planning. A 10% discount is given to all workshop participants for purchase towards dietary supplements that are part of the Nutritional Cleanse & Support Program™.

Gluten Diseases: The Silent Epidemic - In the part few years, Gluten-related diseases such as Celiac Disease have been at the forefront of news and social conversations. This presentation will explain what gluten sensitivity is and how it can be managed through proper diet and lifestyle strategies. We demystify the facts and fiction around Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, Leaky-Gut Syndrome and associated Autoimmune diseases. The workshop will provide insights into dietary supplementation and programs to repair the gut and reduce inflammation. This session is perfect for a small group setting or workplace bag-lunch session. Sample healthy gluten-free meal plans will be provided. This workshop will introduce Advesta Health’s Intestinal Health Revitalization Program™ that combines nutrients and meal planning in a restorative intestinal health. A 10% discount is given to all workshop participants for purchase towards dietary supplements that are part of the Intestinal Health Revitalization Program™.

We often update our workshops. Be sure to contact an Advesta Health practitioner for our latest workshop catalog.

Our workshops are offered online so they can be accessed from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. We keep the class size small in order to promote participant interaction and questions/answers. Workshops can also be customized to fit your small group or organization. Contact us to discuss your health education needs.

restore in 4

Bring back health and vitality with our 4 life-changing programs in just 90 days. Using our strategic and practical wellness approach, our Restore In 4 program helps you transform your life by addressing these key areas:

  • Body – cleanse, clear, reset, and rejuvenate
  • Mind – visualization, goal setting, focus, and letting go
  • Spirit – meditation, prayer, forgiveness, gratefulness, and oneness
  • Energy – vitality, balance, movement and flow

When addressing your health, you have to address ALL of who you are, not just a single part. You can’t just fix your digestive issues without addressing healthy eating and lifestyle habits in just the same manner a high level of vitality and energy can’t be maintained unless your hormones, stress and other body systems are in balance. More importantly, your body will suffer if the mind is over-controlling, imposing self-will, or in denial for one reason or another. With the Restore-In-4 program, we give you the information, tools, and support to connect-the-dots in your life that lead to sustainable health and happiness. Our proven strategy is: Reveal, Heal, Restore, Thrive.

Restore in 4 is a 90-day self-directed and community-supported wellness program offered 4 times a year. The program is facilitated by our world-class Advesta Health coaching team and supported by our 24/7 HealthyLiving online wellness community. But it’s the participants that call the shots and go “all-in” to achieve their healthy goals. All participants go through the program together and follow our simple and structured 12-week process. Each week is filled with fun and healthy things to support the body-mind-spirit-energy model to bring balance to each participant’s transformational journey. Participants set their own pace during the program in order to accomplish weekly goals; they can be socially interactive within the group or focused more inwardly on their own growth process.

We start with healing and restoring the body because in the matrix of health, it is the central most-dense core, whereby all the other systems interconnect. Within the body systems we work from the inside out starting with the most fundamental unit, the cell, and then addressing systems that like the Gut, Liver, Kidneys, which help nourish, detox and support. Finally we bring on line the more subtle systems like the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic flows. When these systems fire up correctly and in alignment, the core awakens with a new found sense of healthy and vitality. This is what we call transformational healing.

We suggest you read the following information about our Policies before you request or order any of our workshops or sessions.


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Our health assessment tool allows us to assess an individual’s current health, including factors of lifestyle, in order to better understand the scope of the challenges, overall health profile, and identify potential health risks. The HRA assesses current health (including lifestyle behaviors, stress factors, biometrics, health status, chronic conditions, and future disease risk. The health assessment is vital in order to target the most beneficial nutritional therapies and wellness program recommendations.


It is vital to review and track health behavioral and biometric data through health assessments in order to initiate and maintain healthy behaviors. Health assessments inform practitioners and coaches and they also help individuals gain self-awareness, insights, and a sense of their priorities. The process of analyzing an individual’s health information helps identify “red flags” or supports future discussions on specific health issues.

After gathering up all the health relevant data i.e., health assessment, test results, intake information etc., our practitioners identify those factors which are current health risks or are impeding on the individual’s overall health and well-being. This information will become valuable input into developing an individual’s overall wellness plan including healthy vision, goals and preventative action plan.

The action plan summarizes an individual’s current health profile, highlights risk factors and provides recommendations for nutritional therapies and other support programs. It is designed to assist individuals in making practical decisions about next steps and to put their health goals into measurable and achievable action steps.

A typical action plan often involves a wellness vision, health and lifestyle goals, strengths/challenges, motivators, measurable timeline (typically weekly intervals measured for 90-180 days), and baseline measurement and tracking techniques. If an individual is focusing on specific diet or food sensitivity challenges, then botanical supplementation, removal of damaging toxins through enhanced elimination and detoxification protocols as well as lifestyle and behavioral modifications, may also be included.

The action plan can be used to assist individuals in managing their current health-related challenges, promote empowerment, renew self-confidence and aid in the recovery of optimal health.